It all started in 2012 when we decided to get involved in the investment property business.  But first, we needed a name: Brittani's maiden name is "Eckhardt" and Dustin's last name is "Woods" so we decided to combine the two last names since this would be our company together.  Hardtwood is our last names combined "Eckhardt" and "Woods".  We wanted to choose a name that is strong, something we can pass down to our children someday, that means something to us, and is a part of both of us and that shows we are likeminded and committed to the work we will perform together everyday.  We are a team and we believe our company name reminds us of that team player attitude everyday.  We first launched Hardtwood Properties in 2012 as we both have always had a passion to get involved in the investment property. Hardtwood Properties focuses on land and rental homes whereas our home division is custom homes, major remodels and room additions and condos.  We want to make you a home that makes memories to last a lifetime.  We strive to build timeless, classic homes that will make a lasting impression on whomever sees it; we want to give you that "wow" factor every time someone drives by your house.  We are passionate about homes and continue to educate ourselves on the market, latest trends and stay ahead of the curve.  Hardtwood Homes looks forward to making your dream home a reality.